Monday, July 2, 2012

Twister Quilt

I recently took another quilting class with my sister in law and we made these twister quilts.  I am really excited how mine turned out.  I used Lucy's Crab Shack fabric line.  I wasn't sure if it was going to work out at first but as a finished product it looks so good.  I love this quilt because it is so much fun for summer.  This quilt might end up being my summer go to quilt.  I just need to add a back and bind the quilt.

The most AMAZING thing about this quilt is that my husband did a lot of the sewing on this quilt.  I wasn't feeling well when I went to the class but didn't want to miss it and already bought the fabric for it so I went.  I sewed all the inner squares together  with the inner blue boarder cut the twister design and then my amazing husband sewed almost all of the rest.  The only thing I sewed after that was the outer flower boarder.  I love how this quilt turned out and it is so awesome to have my husband working on these projects with me.  More quilts to come.......

My Husband's Pirate Quilt

My husband made this pirate quilt all by himself.  It was so much fun to watch him as he cut and sewed this quilt.  Nice to see him happy with his end result.  I love this quilt and the colors he chose for it. He just needs to add a back and bind the quilt.  I am so excited to have someone to share a hobby with.   I have watched him over the years and I have never seen him fail at something that he had his mind set to do. He can do anything.   He is AMAZING!!