Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crazy Kites

 Last year (I think the end of the summer) I took a quilt class with my sister in law and we learned to make these kite quilts.  It was a lot of fun to do this quilt.  I let it sit for quite a while before I finished it and that's why it's not already on here.  I finished it about a month and a half ago and had it quilted last month so it has been done for a few weeks now.  I am just now getting the chance to put it on my blog.  This pattern was a buggy barn pattern called "Crazy Kites".  Buggy Barn patterns are pretty fun.  My sister in law and I picked these fabrics together and each made a baby size quilt instead of the large size quilt the pattern makes. I had in mind that I was going to use it in my son's room as a wall hanging for a while.  When I got to finishing the quilt top it was quite the task. Once I got to the part that was no longer following the pattern due to our size adjustments the challenge was on.  So I went to work measuring and cutting pieces to make this one work.  It turned out really cute.  I used shoe laces instead of the bias tape maker and bias tape that the pattern calls for.  I chose different colored shoe laces just because I like to mix it up a little and not have it all look the same.  I thought it went really well with all the colors in the quilt. It also looks really cute on his wall.

Thanks again to my friend Sarah for the awesome machine quilting job on this quilt.  I tried to get some pictures of the quilting to share her talent with you. :)

Here is the quilt on his wall.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pot Holders

I recently attended a Relief Society party that I was supposed to take a gift that represented me.  I decided to use some scraps I had and made some pot holders.  Anyone that knows me knows that I love to both sew and cook.  I love cooking and baking!! I'm not a huge eater but I love to cook for other people.  I tried to pick scraps that I thought anyone could like the colors because I didn't know who would end up with the gift from the gift exchange.  They turned out cute and many people loved them.  Makes you feel good when people get excited about something you enjoy doing.  Everyone also got to know a little more about me.  It was a fun night.

Rev em up

This quilt is pretty cool.  I made it for my husband who was a mechanic for 8 years. (Just changed as of December) The fabric is really cool.  It is Adorn It "Rev em up"  and it is a lot more manly than most fabrics you find around.  It also was bright rather than the dark colors of the civil war type of fabrics.  I was struggling for a while with motivation on this one so my sister in law helped me and got me motivated to finish it.  I loved the pattern cause it reminded me of tire tread. The pattern was "Pow Wow" by cluck cluck sew.  I was only able to get an indoor picture of this one and it happened to be on my phone so this is as good as it gets for now. In the future I will update this photo with a photo in the sunlight.

1600 Jelly Roll Quilt

I was able to get a few better pictures from my Iphone than my camera.  Amazing what kind of pictures you can get just with your phone these days.

 So much fun!! For this quilt I made a 1600 Jelly Roll Race quilt.  You can find the tutorial here,  I also added the stop boarder and outer boarder to add size to the quilt.  I added a 2 1/2" stop boarder to make a finished 2" stop boarder and a 5 1/2" outer boarder to make a finished 5" outer boarder.  I used Moda "Enchanted Pond" jelly roll for the center of this quilt.  I love the rich colors in this color line.  That is what attracted me to this fabric.  I love any color that is really saturated.

This quilt was so fun and easy to make I am sure I will be making another one sometime.   The quilting on this quilt is yet amazing thanks to my dear friend Sarah.  Thanks Sarah!! Much love goes out to her.  She never ceases to amaze me every time I have her machine quilt a quilt for me.  I decided I was going to give this quilt as a gift.  I put a lot of love into this quilt and don't normally give them away so I really hope it gets loved as much as I love it. I know for any quilter they are cherished.  It is hard to know when you give something as a gift if someone really loves it or not.  I really hope she can see all the love I have put into it and can see a little bit into the quilting world from this quilt.  I will be sad to part with this one. :(  

 The sun had started to go down by the time I got these pictures so it is hard to see the true nature of the beautiful colors. 


This quilt was for a trunk show.  It is made out of the Riley Blake Prairie Rose fabric line.  The pattern was "Truffles" out of the Simply Fat Quarter book by It's Sew Emma.  It turned out really cute.  It has tulips quilted all over it which I love.  The colors from this line are very pleasant.  This quilt reminds me a little of my grandmother, sweet but simple. I really believe that pictures really never do a quilt justice.

Great Gift

Recently I had another quilter friend of mine give me a quilt as a gift.  Most quilters don't think that giving another quilter a quilt is a very good idea.  Well I think it is a GREAT idea.  Everyone has their own taste and style.  Someone else giving you something they made is giving you a piece of them.  Also being a quilter I know what kind of time and money goes into quilts so I understand the value of a quilt.  This gesture means so much to me.  I believe you can never have too many quilts.  Anyone that knows me knows that I get cold all the time and so I usually always have a blanket wrapped around me.  This is my first piece of Americana style decor. Full of beautiful stars and stripes this quilt sets the mood for summer.  I love this quilt because it is big, fluffy, and very warm.  The back is lined with denim which I also love.  My kids love to drag this quilt around.  It seems like every time that I have a new quilt finished they fight over who gets to use it.  They would definitely agree with me that you can never have too many quilts.


Crooked Path out of Batiks

This is still my favorite quilt that I have made to date.  Last year I had taken a class and made this beautiful quilt.  It is a Mary's Cottage Quilt design called, "Crooked Path".  I love the colors that I had chose for this project.  I have had this quilt done for quite some time and just hadn't had a chance to get it on my blog.  I had my good friend do the quilting on this quilt and it is just exquisite.  She is so amazing!!!  I wish I had half the talent when it comes to machine quilting.  So here is this beautiful creation of mine.

Mystery Quilt Update

 I just wanted to post updated pictures of my mystery quilt now that I have had it quilted.  Quilting makes all the difference with quilts I think.  This one turned out so pretty.  I have had it done and bound for a little while now I was just waiting for a good day to take it outside and get some good pictures of it with some natural sunlight.  Pictures just aren't the same when I take them inside my house.  Enjoy.