Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1600 Jelly Roll Quilt

I was able to get a few better pictures from my Iphone than my camera.  Amazing what kind of pictures you can get just with your phone these days.

 So much fun!! For this quilt I made a 1600 Jelly Roll Race quilt.  You can find the tutorial here,  I also added the stop boarder and outer boarder to add size to the quilt.  I added a 2 1/2" stop boarder to make a finished 2" stop boarder and a 5 1/2" outer boarder to make a finished 5" outer boarder.  I used Moda "Enchanted Pond" jelly roll for the center of this quilt.  I love the rich colors in this color line.  That is what attracted me to this fabric.  I love any color that is really saturated.

This quilt was so fun and easy to make I am sure I will be making another one sometime.   The quilting on this quilt is yet amazing thanks to my dear friend Sarah.  Thanks Sarah!! Much love goes out to her.  She never ceases to amaze me every time I have her machine quilt a quilt for me.  I decided I was going to give this quilt as a gift.  I put a lot of love into this quilt and don't normally give them away so I really hope it gets loved as much as I love it. I know for any quilter they are cherished.  It is hard to know when you give something as a gift if someone really loves it or not.  I really hope she can see all the love I have put into it and can see a little bit into the quilting world from this quilt.  I will be sad to part with this one. :(  

 The sun had started to go down by the time I got these pictures so it is hard to see the true nature of the beautiful colors. 

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