Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Great Gift

Recently I had another quilter friend of mine give me a quilt as a gift.  Most quilters don't think that giving another quilter a quilt is a very good idea.  Well I think it is a GREAT idea.  Everyone has their own taste and style.  Someone else giving you something they made is giving you a piece of them.  Also being a quilter I know what kind of time and money goes into quilts so I understand the value of a quilt.  This gesture means so much to me.  I believe you can never have too many quilts.  Anyone that knows me knows that I get cold all the time and so I usually always have a blanket wrapped around me.  This is my first piece of Americana style decor. Full of beautiful stars and stripes this quilt sets the mood for summer.  I love this quilt because it is big, fluffy, and very warm.  The back is lined with denim which I also love.  My kids love to drag this quilt around.  It seems like every time that I have a new quilt finished they fight over who gets to use it.  They would definitely agree with me that you can never have too many quilts.


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