Saturday, January 19, 2013

King Size and I'm in LOVE

My husband and I made this quilt for our bed.  It has been done for quite a while.  Well actually all the ones I have posted today have been for quite a while I am just so behind on my blogging.  I decided to do purple and grey for my bed and I am loving how it turned out.  I got this pattern out of a book that I got that was especially for pre-cuts.  It called for 244 charm squares.  Since I wanted certain color ways I got yardage and we cut all the squares ourselves instead of getting charm packs like the pattern had shown.  I am very very happy with my color choices.  Jeremy was wonderful to help me on this quilt.  I have also really enjoyed having it on my bed.  I just need to get on top of making the matching pillow cases with the scraps I have left over.  Since it is winter and night I didn't take the pictures outside like I normally do.  The purples I chose are rich and beautiful.  I look forward to using this quilt for many years to come.

P.S. Please excuse the out of focus pictures.  It took me quite a few tries just to get ones this good. :)

Jungle Jive Quilt

This quilt is currently on display at Elaine's Quilt block and has kits for sale.  It was fun to make and took only a day.  It is the jungle jive line from Benartex.  It is hard to see how cute this quilt actually is in the picture.  Things seem to look a lot cuter in person to me at least. The fabrics are really fun and bright.   The quilting turned out so cute on this quilt as well.  I sure want to learn how to do long arm quilting after all the amazing quilts I have seen.  Some day maybe. 

Lady Bug Quilt

 I put this little quilt together with my husband for a baby shower gift.  This quilt was for one of our close high school friends that just had their first baby.  I asked their theme and found out it was lady bugs so I decided to do a lady bug quilt to go along with their theme.  It turned out really cute.  I could only find black and white lady bug fabric at the time so I decided to do that with all the polka dot designs.  Of course after I needed the quilt I find lady bugs in color.  Only me!!  Ha Ha.  Usually my luck.  I really hope they enjoy this quilt as much as we enjoyed making it for them.

Teddy's Christmas Quilt

This quilt was fun to make.  It was really quick.  It is so cute.  I loved the design of the little boy holding the teddy bear because it always reminds me of my little boy and the teddy bear blanket he had since he was born.  The quilting that was done on it also turned out so gorgeous. This quilt was on display at Elaine's Quilt Block for a while.  I ended up giving it to my son so I could put his ratty other one in a box.  He was so excited to have a new teddy quilt.  I'm sure he will cherish it just like he did the other one.  He has been sleeping with it every night since I gave it to him.  I think it is so fun to make things and have someone enjoy them so much.

Halloween Table Runner

Here is a twister table runner Jeremy made with some scraps.  It turned out pretty cool. Twisters are very fun to do.  He made 2 of these and gave one to his mom.  :)