Saturday, January 19, 2013

Teddy's Christmas Quilt

This quilt was fun to make.  It was really quick.  It is so cute.  I loved the design of the little boy holding the teddy bear because it always reminds me of my little boy and the teddy bear blanket he had since he was born.  The quilting that was done on it also turned out so gorgeous. This quilt was on display at Elaine's Quilt Block for a while.  I ended up giving it to my son so I could put his ratty other one in a box.  He was so excited to have a new teddy quilt.  I'm sure he will cherish it just like he did the other one.  He has been sleeping with it every night since I gave it to him.  I think it is so fun to make things and have someone enjoy them so much.

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