Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Self Binding Receiving Blanket

I actually made this receiving blanket for my 8 year old son for his Birthday.  He turned 8 on Sunday.  He had a blanket that he has carried around since he was born and it was starting to fall apart. I wanted him  to be able to save that blanket before it got worse so I made him a new blanket to cuddle.  He loves one because I made it out of flannel.  I hope it will stay soft for him because I know that some flannel gets a weird feeling after being washed.  He actually picked the fabric himself.  He liked the brown monkey fabric so we found a few others to go with it.  I wanted to do something different with the front so I pieced it.  I mixed squares and triangles.  It turned out so cute. I love it.  I used rick rack to hide the edge when I sewed it front to back.  It was the first self binding blanket I have done like this.  It was pretty easy.  I hope the next one turns out a little better on the corners.  I am such a perfectionist that I pick at myself and the little pieces I mess up on but then I don't want to start over so I end up leaving it.  Oh well.  It is so cute.  He loves it so that makes me happy.  I love to make things for people and have them get excited about it.

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