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PinkBlush Maternity Review

**I received some of the featured products free of charge in order to give an honest review.  No other product or monetary compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% my own and others may have a different opinion.  Products received will never influence the content, topics, or posts made on this blog.**

To all my readers:

I am so sorry that I have been a little MIA for quite a while.  There have been many changes in my life the last couple of years and I feel like I have fallen off of the bandwagon.  It is now time to continue my life and what better way than to start out with a fun announcement........

After many changes in my life the last couple of years.....I am SO excited to announce that I am expecting a baby!  I have wanted another child for many years but due to many circumstances it didn't happen.  It was probably the best thing for me personally at the time.  I have learned now that it just wasn't the right time.......until now.  Of course, I am TERRIFIED! I am completely starting over after having my last child 10 years ago.  There are so many things that have changed since then.  I am so excited to have the opportunity to review maternity clothing from PinkBlush Maternity.

 PinkBlush Maternity Review

There are so many new products on the market now than there were in the past.  One of my favorite products is the much better selection of maternity clothes. I always had the hardest time with my previous pregnancies finding things that fit me that I actually liked and felt good in.  Feeling good about yourself when you are pregnant is such a huge thing.  It is a time when your body is going through so many changes and it is so easy to get in a negative rut about yourself.  I sure am no stranger to that feeling.  This pregnancy has been especially hard on me in that way because I was in very good shape before getting pregnant.  I was finally starting to feel good about myself right before I got pregnant.  Then everything changed.  It has been so long since I was pregnant.  I had forgotten many of the changes the body makes.

One of the things I always have the hardest time finding is cute maternity dresses.  Most dresses I tried were just never quite small enough.  I am a petite person and many times a size small was even too large for me.  I really like the style of PinkBlush maternity dresses. They fit perfectly in all the right places and accentuate the parts that you want to accentuate while pregnant and hide the places that I didn't want to accentuate.   The colors of this dress are perfect for any skin tone.  I have quite fair skin and was worried it would make me look more pale, but I was quite pleased with how it looked against my skin.  I am normally drawn to dark and rich colors.  This dress was different and just drew me in.  I was excited to try something different and I am glad I did!! :)  I really LOVE this this maternity dress.

The only downside I had to this dress was that it was too long.  I can't easily wear flat shoes with it.  (As shown in picture below.) Although all the dresses in this post are all the same size (small), the length was not created equal.  I am not a huge fan of wearing heels when pregnant so I usually always wear flats.  I am very clumsy when pregnant.  Which I hear can be normal.  In my previous pregnancy I fell and broke my foot while pregnant. I now like to make it a little easier on myself.  I can wear this dress just fine with heels but I will need to hem it if I would like to wear it with flats.  (Which I can do myself no big deal.)  It would just be nice to have them all the same length.  The sleeves, bodice, and rest of the dress fit me perfectly.

I guess I am very partial to blue dresses.  This next dress I chose was also blue, but much richer colors like what I would normally gravitate to.  This dress was the perfect length.  This dress is also darker than the other dress and has deeper and more saturated colors.

This dress fits like a dream.   These dresses are all made from a very stretchy comfortable fabric.  It isn't a cotton type fabric.  The fabric is more along the lines of a stretchier version of bathing suit fabric.  It is very comfortable and makes for a great fit for any body.  It is also the perfect type of fabric to grow with your body, but also not stretch out too much so you can use it after pregnancy as well.  These dresses would be great pregnancy clothes for people with any body type.

I am drawn to the same styles in different colors!! 
Once I find something I like I seem to stick with it.

The reason I stuck with the same style of dress is because I wanted something I could wear post pregnancy as well.  I plan on nursing my baby and wanted something that I could wear easily as a nursing mom as well.  Each dress has fabric that just crosses across your chest so it is easy access for nursing a baby.   I love this feature about these dresses.  I will probably even still continue to wear these dresses for years to come even after I am done nursing.

This third dress was one that I had actually fell in love with a few months ago on the PinkBlush Maternity website and just had to buy for myself.  Sadly I no longer see this dress on their site.  I have had this one for a little while and worn this dress several times.  It fits me just as well as the other dresses.  I am absolutely in LOVE with the colors of this dress.  The colors in person are even better than what they looked like when I saw them online.

I have had such a confidence boost since being able to wear these dresses.  I was starting to feel down on myself just because my body wasn't mine anymore.  These dresses gave me just what I needed.  I get compliments any time I wear PinkBlush Maternity clothing.  I am totally fine wearing a dress all day if it helps me feel better about myself.  That is exactly what I do with these dresses.

If you are looking for cute maternity clothes I highly recommend that you check out the great selection from PinkBlush Maternity.

Thanks for joining me for my review and announcement!!

Stay tuned for more great things to come. :)

**I received some of the featured products free of charge in order to give an honest review.  No other product or monetary compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% my own and others may have a different opinion.  Products received will never influence the content, topics, or posts made on this blog.**

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