Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Receiving Blanket

I really enjoy making flannel receiving blankets.  I made a ton for my daughter when I was pregnant with her cause I had a broken foot and needed something to do. A friend of mine taught me how to crotchet.  That was 5 1/2 yrs ago.  I have loved crocheting ever since. I actually made this one a while ago.  I love this fabric together and had to make a blanket with it.  I have been holding on to it one because it is hard for me to give something I made that I love away and two because I just hadn't found the right person to give it to yet.  I love to make my receiving blankets a little on the large size.  It is nice to use on the floor with babies.  I usually buy 1 1/2 yds and make a receiving blanket and burp rags to go with it.  I made this one extra large because I bought the same amount of fabric and didn't take any away for burp rags.  I am still not sure if I want to part with it yet but I am finally going to.  I have probably had it for at least 2 yrs.  I didn't get too fancy with the crocheting on this one like I have on others but I think it turned out great anyway.  I used 2 different colors for the contrast.  I love how that turned out.  I will definitely be doing that again. I have another receiving blanket that I have cut and sewn together but just haven't crocheted it yet.  I love the fabric on that one so much too.  I will probably crochet it when I decide who to give it to.  I have so many other ongoing projects that I haven't had the motivation to do that yet.  So here I am sharing with you my gorgeous blanket. :)

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