Monday, February 25, 2013

Easter Dress

 UPDATE:  Here are some pictues of her wearing the dress on easter out in the sunlight where I could get a much better picture of this pretty dress and my pretty little girl. :)

Original post

I needed a little help getting motivated on this project.  I had the pattern and fabric for several months now and just had never done anything with it.  I mentioned to my mom that I thought this would make a really cute Easter dress.  So today she just came over and we got it all done in a matter of hours.  It turned out so cute.  I changed it a little bit from the origional design.  I look forward to making this dress again.  The pattern goes up to a size 10 in girls so we could still get a few more uses out of it.  The only difficult thing was that the fabric was directional so I had to make sure all the cuts I made went the right direction.  The pattern called for 3 ruffles at the bottom but I decided to go with just one and made the main body of the bottom a little longer as well to compensate for less ruffles.  It isn't quite as long as I would have hoped but it is perfect for her because she is just so clumsy I wouldn't want her hurting herself.  Who knows I may go back and add a second ruffle to make it a little longer.  We will see after she wears it for a whole day how she manages.  I love little maxi dresses and this one is my favorite little girl pattern that I have found.  Next time I make one I will for sure make it non directional fabric just to make it a little easier on my brain. 

As you can see she thought that posing for my pictures was all just a joke and so funny.  She kept laughing the whole time not standing still and of course pulling faces.  She is sure my little monster.  She has such a fun personality.  

Thank you so much mom for your motivation and help with this dress!!

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  1. you did a great job with the chevrons. and ella is adorable!