Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Patriotic Quilt

My friend had some fabric that she had planned on making a quilt with her grandmother.  She asked me one time if I would be interested in helping her do the quilt since she didn't sew and her grandmother was getting older and wasn't in the best shape to help her do it.  I decided that I wanted to get the fabric from her and buy some coordinating fabric and make a quilt for her for her birthday.  Her birthday was on July 13th and she wanted a patriotic quilt.  I got the fabric from her then went to the store buy a couple more colors to go with it.  I didn't follow any pattern.  I just cut all the fabric to the same size squares and then started laying it out.  I didn't like how it looked laid out on the floor so my husband and I came up with the design of this quilt together.  It turned out pretty cool.  My friend loved it and was so excited about it.  I had gotten the fabric from her on Monday and had to have it finished by Thursday night so I could give it to her on Friday for her birthday.  It was a lot of fun to give her something she wasn't expecting.  I enjoyed doing this for her and hope that she will always love it.

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  1. i really really like the binding you did on this! so stinking cute