Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rainbow Quilt (for my little girl)

I had  bought a pattern book and found a couple of patterns I just loved and had to make the quilts.  My daughter loved this quilt in the book so I decided to make it for her.  I had to order the fabric from the front online because no one carried it in stores.  I ordered my first jelly roll and then had to wait for my second one for 3 months because it was on back order from the manufacture.  So this quilt was actually in progress since March I am sad to say.  I loved the design and the pattern was very easy to follow.  I followed it to a "T" so I was a little disappointed when the actual finished size turned out different than the measurements in the book.

My daughter picked the fabrics that we used on the back she says they are her favorite colors along with purple.  The back has cute little stars on the back and a two toned color which I love.  I ended up using a different fabric for the binding than what I had originally bought cause the purple I bought for the binding was too pastel and there is no way it would have gone with this gorgeous quilt.

I ended up having my friend that owns Fabric Seeds machine quilt this quilt for me.  She is absolutely amazing at what she does and loves to do it.  Thanks Sarah!!!!

   I am glad this quilt is finally done.  Again thanks to my wonderful husband for all the help and support on another great project.  I love how this quilt turned out. 

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