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Adovia Exfoliating Facial Sea Salts- Dead Sea Salt Exfoliating Crystals Review

**I received the product featured in order to give an honest review.  No other compensation or products were received.  My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and others may have a different opinion.**

Adovia Exfoliating Facial Sea Salts - At Home Microdermabrasion - Dead Sea Salt Exfoliating Crystals for Acne, Oily Skin and Blackheads

 Experience a More Radiant, Clear and Beautiful Skin with At-Home Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Treatment
100% Pure Dead Sea Salts Specially Finely Ground for Facial Use
Salts Infuse Skin with Dead Sea Minerals While Gently Exfoliating Dead Skin Cells
Perfect for Acne Prone and Oily Skin - Works Great When Mixed with a Cleanser, Soap or Mask for an Extra Exfoliating Effect
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Exfoliating Dead Sea Facial Salts - for Oily Skin - 2 Months Supply Natural facial salts improve your complexion, refresh and firm your skin while leaving it thoroughly cleansed. These salts will infuse your skin with Dead Sea minerals while removing dead skin cells, leaving your face radiant, smooth and refreshed. Eliminates Bacteria and excess oil Exfoliates dead skin cells and pore clogging particles Revitalizes and refreshes skin, revealing a new, healthy layer. Stimulates facial skin circulation and tightens pores Directions: Apply salt to a clean wet face and massage gently. Rinse off with warm water. Follow with Adovia Moisturizing Cream or Nourishing Night Cream.


My Review:

Adovia Exfoliating Facial Sea Salts is yet another great product put out by Adovia.  I really enjoyed trying this Facial Sea Salt scrub.  I have naturally dry skin which can be very frustrating.  My face never feels moist enough and I always feel like I have skin flaking off everywhere. As I have used this exfoliating facial sea salt I felt like my face has been softer than many other exfoliating products that I have tried in the past.  I ended up mixing this scrub with a little extra virgin olive oil because I prefer the extra virgin olive oil when using oil on my skin.  I don't feel like it is quite as heavy.  As I tried this scrub I felt like it was scrubbing away all the dead skin on my face.  It made my face feel so fresh and once it exposed the new skin underneath I felt very rejuvenated.  I love the feeling this scrub gives my face.  Even though I suffer from dry skin I still suffer from acne especially if I over wash my skin.  This exfoliating product can make you feel like it is triggering your pores at first and giving you more acne.  Be patient as this is a reaction that can happen right off the bat with any exfoliating product.  I find I get best results only using it about 2 times a week or so.  If I use it too many times my face breaks out more or my skin feels very sensitive.  When I only use it a couple times a week it cleanses just right and doesn't make my face break out too much.  I feel like it also gives my skin a chance to produce new skin cells.  I love that my skin overall feels healthier and looks younger when using this product.  If you are a looking to try a new exfoliating product I highly recommend you try Adovia Exfoliating Facial Sea Salts!!

Tip for Normal to Dry and Dry skin types: Although this Facial Dead Sea mineral salt were designed for oily skin, a long-time client of ours who has a dry skin type gave us a great tip which she works great for her. She told us that she mixes the facial salts with some olive oil and exfoliates that way with the combination of olive oil and facial salts. She said that she gets the exfoliating effect and the benefit of the minerals going in her skin, and her skin stays moisturized and smooth. NOTE: We also recommend for all skin types to mix these facial salts with our Mineral Cleanser which will create a gentle and thorough scrub. You can find that combination offered at a slight discount here. Exfoliating Dead Sea Facial Salts are designed for use on oily skin. The 2 months' supply of salts naturally improves the complexion, refreshing and firming skin while thoroughly cleansing it.

The salts impart special minerals in the skin while stripping away dead cells to leave skin looking radiant, smooth and refreshed. Salts also naturally remove bacteria and excess oils, making them a great choice for oily skin types. To use, simply apply the exfoliating salts to a clean, wet face and massage gently.

**I received the product featured in order to give an honest review.  No other compensation or products were received.  My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and others may have a different opinion.**

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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