Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Honey & Lace Maxi Skirts by Heidi Review + GIVEAWAY!!

**I received one maxi skirt in order to give an honest review.  No other compensation or products were received for this post.  This post is sponsored by Honey & Lace independent consultant Heidi Lins.  My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and others may have a different opinion.  The rest of the items featured were purchased.**

About Honey & Lace

"At the heart of every Honey & Lace design is the drive to match comfort and style. Although style has its importance, every woman wants to be comfortable. Why not find that comfort in your own clothes? Honey & Lace combines comfort and confidence with a style that catches attention. Whether you want to attend a wedding, go to the beach, or sit at home with your kids, Honey & Lace maxi’s look great. H&L was born when a mother decided to create a skirt for her daughter. The Founder, Dianne M. Ingram wanted to create something comfortable, beautiful, and classy for her daughter. She quickly realized that everyone wanted her skirts. Shortly after, H&L was born. The H&L team is committed to maximizing your buying and wearing experience. Unified in vision, its departments succeed in building a strong brand, and an even bigger family."

Honey & Lace products include Maxi Skirts, Pencil Skirts, Dresses, Leggings & more. In Women's Sizes XS-3xl and in Little Girl sizes 2T-14. All USA made!

I absolutely love to dress up!! That didn't used to be the case for me because in my teenage and early adult years I didn't dress too feminine.  I decided a little while after I had been married that I wanted to feel more like a woman so I started dressing more feminine.  Ever since then I have LOVED to dress up!! I love being a woman and feeling good about myself.

This Aztec skirt featured above is the skirt I chose to review.  I love the feel of this skirt.  It is made out of a Lycra type fabric which I like a lot more for skirts than cotton.  One reason I like them more is because they are less sticky and don't have as much cling or static as a cotton skirt.  The other reason I really like it is because even though it sometimes may feel like a thicker skirt than cotton, for me it isn't as "hot" in the summer to wear as cotton.  At least that is how I personally feel.  Others may prefer it the opposite.  I really like Honey & Lace products.  The only downside to this particular skirt I reviewed is that I didn't feel like it was the same exact "fit" or sizing as the other skirts I have purchased in the past.  Aside from that it still fit great, it just wasn't as tight as my other skirts and as tight as I would like it to be.  I can still wear it without it falling off so that is what counts. :)
I LOVE leggings!!  They are so comfortable and comfort is something that is important to me when I am shopping for clothes. Honey & Lace sells leggings for both women and little girls.  The women's leggings that I got were kind of a one size fits all.  I was a little worried about that since I always need an XS in everything.  They were just a little baggy at the top before I washed them.  After I washed them they were a little less baggy. I usually wear a shirt just long enough to cover the top anyway.  They fit great on the legs.  For me they weren't really tight and they are very stretchy so they could fit many different sizes.  I especially love how soft these particular leggings are!! These leggings are the most comfortable leggins I have ever worn. They keep me warm in a little cooler weather and I didn't feel like they made me too hot in this hot weather we have been having either.

These Aztec leggings are my favorite pair of leggings that I own.  I made this shirt especially to go with the leggings because I didn't have a shirt that was the right color to match these leggings.  I would never complain about having to make a shirt to match because I love sewing clothing for myself.
Honey & Lace also make pencil skirts.  I love these little skirts.  They are perfect for hot summer days or a day at the office. The fit of the pencil skirts are GREAT!!  And when could you ever go wrong with a teal or mint green color??  These pencil skirts are some of my favorite colors beside purple so I was so excited when I found them.  The pencil skirts are a soft cotton fabric which is very comfortable. I wear a slip under all my skirts but especially these pencil skirts just to make sure they aren't see through.  
Heidi Lins is a GREAT maxi skirt consultant for Honey & Lace.  Honey & Lace offer more products than what is shown here.  Check out Heidi's Facebook page here.
Heidi isn't quite set up with her own website yet but you are still welcome to order from her anytime.  Heidi puts all her inventory on her Facebook page.  If you are interested in something then just leave a comment saying you want the item and provide her with your email so she can send you an invoice and get your shipping info etc.  If there is a color or something you are looking for or would like to request then you can just send Heidi a message on her Facebook page.  She is so good at finding what you are looking for!!  YOU CAN ORDER EVEN IF YOU LIVE OUT OF STATE!!!! If you are a local and live in Davis County, Salt Lake County, or Utah County in Utah then you could host a party and reap the rewards by earning skirts for free!!!  If you would like to host a party just message Heidi on her Facebook page to set up a date.

Also find little girl sizing!!  These leggings and this mint green and cream lace maxi skirt are also Honey & Lace items.  I love how cute all the little girls clothing is.  This little one was also excited to pick stuff out for herself and is always excited to wear it because like me she loves the comfort.  I know I am bias but this little one is so cute even with messy hair!!

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**I received one maxi skirt in order to give an honest review.  No other compensation or products were received for this post.  This post is sponsored by Honey & Lace independent consultant Heidi Lins.  My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and others may have a different opinion.  The rest of the items featured were purchased.**


  1. I love their skirts. I can't wear jeans to work and these skirts are perfect on hot days!

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    Thanks for sharing!


  4. i like the leggings for little girls

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  6. I like the coral lace maxi skirt. I also really like the solid maxi skirts. The gold one is my favorite. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

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