Monday, September 9, 2013

First Dance Class

After a lot of thought and discussion with my husband we decided to put our daughter in her first dance class.  When we told her it was more of a surprise to her as this isn't something we have discussed much with her in the past.  I always told myself when I had a little girl I would put her in dance.  I had the opportunity to experience dance a little when I was younger and I LOVED it.  I didn't get to dance as much as I would have like to but I guess that just wasn't in my deck of cards.  I only have one daughter to be able to put in dance.  When she was born and we found out she had a congenital heart defect I thought my chance of putting her in dance had been crushed.  Needless to say after much thought and discussion we decided to go ahead with it anyway.  She doesn't have any physical restrictions at this time and we don't know what the future holds.  I wanted her to at least have a chance now.  I talked with some friends that have children with CHDs and they agreed with me about putting her in and just letting her enjoy it until she is told medically otherwise. Hopefully she will be able to continue as long as she wishes.  I have seen some pretty amazing miracles with kids.

She was so excited to put on the leotard, the little ballet shoes, and tights all together.  Also she was so excited to use her new dance bag that I made for her. She was such a good student and enjoyed every minute of it.   I can't wait for the fun recitals and to watch her little personality grow.

She can't wait for the next dance class to arrive. :)  It is fun because she also takes the class with 3 of the girls in our ward and she loves it.  She just has one brother and she loves the girl time.

Thanks to my friend Jamie for helping me through this process.  I felt like I had no idea what I was doing since this was the first time I had ever signed her up. Wow it has been so long since I danced I forgot how much was involved.

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  1. I'm glad you're giving her this chance. I totally agree about putting her in class. Why hold her back? She looks like she's having a great time.