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Penne in Creamy Sauce Recipe - Guest Post

I just reaized I missed the recipe for August.  Things just got too busy with summer ending and the kids going back to school that August just slipped right by me.

This month we have a special treat.

  We have a guest post from Joy Wielland!!

 Joy Wielland, a life-long cooking fan, operated her personal chef service, Suddenly Supper, for over ten years. Now she's a menu-cookbook author and writes a blog Dinner with Joy's Kitchen $centse, (http://dinnerwithjoy.com/ )with the motto "Creating wonderful scents, while saving cents, by using sense" She also has a new PDF Diet for the Food Dollar explaining "How to control food bills". 

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Also check out Joy's Book "Dinners With Joy"

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Enjoy this recipe from Joy Wielland!!


With the passing of Labor Day, school openings and fall activities revving up, we need something fast, easy, nutritious, satisfying and affordable for those busy weekday nights. Well, an adaptation of one classic Northern Italian recipe is all of that, with the added bonus that kids love it. In its original form, it’s called Tortellini con Panne or cream. In Florence they add ham and peas, making it an entrée. In my version, I replace the tortellini with penne, which is optional, and the heavy cream with skim milk (for us calorie counters)If you want a richer sauce, keep the heavy cream, replace it with half-and-half, or mix either of these choices with skim milk. DON”T use reduced fat or whole milk, light or sour cream. They will separate during cooking and curdle.


(1) 1lb. box of penne –I like  the whole grain

2 cups frozen or fresh peas – not canned

5-6 oz. Sliced ham cut in 1 inch squares  OR 2 cups leftover ham  in ½ inch pieces ***

2 Tbs. oil

¼ tsp. garlic powder—optional

1 cup milk, cream or mixture of the two ( See above)

¼ cup pasta water 

Shredded or grated Parmesan cheese.
STEP 1) Cook the pasta according to box directions until just al dente= about 8-9 mins. Drain over a bowl saving the pasta water.

STEP 2) Return the pot to the stove, Add the oil and ham and stir over medium heat until ham pieces separate.  Add peas and if using, garlic powder. Stir to dissolve powder and coat all ingredients 
          with the oil. (3 min.total)

STEP 3) Return the drained pasta to the pot. Add the pasta water and milk and/or cream. Raise burner
 temperature to high, bring contents to a full boil. Occasionally lifting the pot to prevent sticking,
        maintain at a boil, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until a creamy sauce forms.( 4 min.)

STEP 4) Remove from heat at once. Divide among plates and generously garnish with Parmesan. Serve
 piping hot.

Suggested sides: Tossed salad and a good artesian bread.

***Smoked turkey, turkey bacon, or turkey ham are all good dietary alternatives.

Thank you for joining Joy Wielland and I for this guest post!!!  Make sure to check out Joy's book and site.  Follow Joy on Facebook and leave a comment for her.

Most of all THANK YOU Joy for sharing with us!!!!!

**This was a guest post and no compensation was provided or received.**

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