Monday, September 9, 2013

UNREAL Candy Review and Group Tasting

**I was provided with the product featured free of charge in order to give an honest review.  No other compensation was received. My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.**

A Little about UNREAL Candy:
Here’s the UNREAL® thing. We reinvented your favorite candy and made it from 100% REAL ingredients. Real milk chocolate, real caramel, real nougat, real peanut butter and real cane sugar. No artificial stuff, no corn syrup, no hydrogenated oil, no preservatives, no GMOs, and less sugar.

I had the chance to meet with my Moms Meet group to have a tasting of this candy.  I decided to make it a girls night and it turned out really fun. I provided a salad bar for a dinner to stay on the healthier side to go along with the theme of the candy being "unjunked".

We had our own little candy tasting experience to see just how different they were from the real thing.  We tasted the "Double One" and the "Loaded One".  The two flavors I chose for our tasting were most like a Reese's and a Snickers.    
This candy tasted pretty good.  Looking at the bags and doing a comparison of the "real" candy to the "unjunked" candy was quite fun.  We found that the UNREAL candy had almost half of the calories, fat, sugar, etc.  So I was expecting a taste a lot more bitter than it actually was.  The candy that tasted more like the Snickers was so close to the flavor of the real thing.  The texture was slightly different.  We found out from our tasting that the "Loaded One" flavor was our favorite out of the UNREAL candy we tried.  It was the flavor that was most like the Snickers and we decided it was delicious.  I think this will definitely be worth the splurge in the future.   The other flavor we tried "Double One" was like the Reese's but was very different from the real thing.  It was pretty good but it had a more bitter taste than the real thing.  We all decided it tasted more like the non Reese's brand that you receive in your trick or treat bag on Halloween.  It wasn't bad, it just tasted different.  It had a more salty flavor and the chocolate on that one wasn't as sweet.  I also ended up trying the flavor "Smooth One".  It is most like a Milky Way.  It was pretty comparable in look and texture. It had a really good flavor.  I didn't do a taste comparison on the spot so I don't know how close it was to the real thing. By just trying it by itself, I would probably eat it again.  I recommend you try UNREAL candy and see what you think.  My favorite was the "Loaded One" and I will probably end up buying this one again in the future.

It was a fun opportunity for a girls night.  My kids really loved helping us taste the candy and join in on the fun. 

All my group members received a sample bag to take home and share with their family or friends. 
Hope everyone enjoyed their time as much as I did.

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**I was provided with the product featured free of charge via Moms Meet in order to give an honest review.  No other compensation was received. My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.** 

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  1. Glad you had a fun time! I think it's great that companies are trying to provide yummy, but healthier, snacking options.