Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jaybird Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for an Active Lifestyle - & Sponsored GIVEAWAY

 Are you always on the go but love to listen to music, podcasts, or radio?  If you are looking for a new product to go with your phone, tablet, or other device Jaybird has a great product for you.
Jaybird creates state of the art headphones for active lifestyles!!  This is great for us because it seems like we go through many headphones in our household. My husband and I use headphones while we work out at the gym.  Sometimes the chord can really get in the way.  Jaybird created a Bluetooth headphone that is a great choice for any active person.
A little about Jaybird's Sound:
Traditionally when sound is compressed on a phone or music player,
sent through the air by Bluetooth connection, and decompressed by the
Bluetooth headphones, there is a substantial amount of packet loss.
It means your music comes through lacking some soul, lacking some
punch, and with a certain amount of static-like white noise.
Through perfecting a custom implementation of the native Bluetooth
SBC codec, which we call Shift™, we deliver a level of purity and
sound that rivals and challenges the very best in wired headphones.
A great feature of Shift™ is that it’s pair and play, meaning, nothing
special is required on your phone or music device, just standard
Bluetooth, Shift™ takes care of the rest.
Do you have trouble with normal ear buds falling out of your ears? Jaybird headphones are made with a very secure fit.  I love the secure fit of these headphones because one of my main problems with ear buds is having them always fall out. 
Jaybird Bluetooth headphones are $169.95 USD.  This may sound like a lot of money for headphones but you really have to consider what kind of product you are getting.  You are getting a top of the line headphone with great sound and a great fit.  The best feature about these headphones is that they are Bluetooth so you don't have all that extra wire in your way when you are living your active lifestyleif it be running, biking, hiking, lifting weights, or whatever activity your heart desires.  For as much money as we have spent on headphones for my husband we have spent well over the amount that Jaybird headphones cost and could have probably bought 2 pairs by now.  We have had bad luck with many of the cheaper brands breaking.
Jaybird Bluetooth headphones have an 8 hour battery life.  They are rechargeable via micro USB so no need to buy any expensive little batteries.  It also will give you a 20 minute warning on your device when your headphones are low and need to be recharged.  Such a nice feature on these headphones!!
Check out Jaybird today and find out some more information on your new set of headphones.
You can purchase Jaybird Bluetooth headphones here.

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