Monday, March 19, 2012

Bread Day

I realized that I have never posted about my bread making yet. I stopped buying bread well over a year ago now. (The only time we eat store bread is when it is free.)  It is nice to not have something so unhealthy with all the preservatives going into the bodies of my children.  Whenever I do eat store bought bread anywhere else I can taste a chemical taste in it.  It is kinda gross to me now.  I learned a lot of my tricks of bread making from my grandmother.  She makes pretty good bread.  I have come to like the taste of mine better because I changed a few of the things from her version to something I like a lot better and my kids will eat even though it is healthy.  I talked to my sister in law one day and she liked the idea of making bread of her own so I showed her a bunch of my tricks and basic bread making.  There definitely is an art to bread making you have to get everything just right. I love how light and fluffy my bread is.  Wheat bread can become so dense and heavy.  I might be bias but I do like my home made bread better than any others I have tried. I did a little variation today of the usual bread I make.  My favorite is whole wheat. I grind the wheat myself.  This time I did more of a honey oat version of my same old home made wheat bread.  It was delicious.  I hope the rest of my family likes it as much as I did.  I usually make lots and freeze it because we go through it so fast but because of not having preservatives in it, it can mold easier so I keep it frozen.  This time I only made 4 loafs.  I have to make rolls for a function tomorrow so I figured I would just make more tomorrow. 

Want some tips?  Just let me know.