Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cat in the Hat Quilt #1

I am so excited that I finished this quilt.  I had so much fun making it.  Like I said in a previous post it was my first time doing a quilt from a pattern.  The pattern I used was designed by Jocelyn Lai called The Magical Cat in the Hat.  It was such a fun pattern.  I look forward to doing my #2 Cat in the Hat matching quilt.  I also look forward to using many quilt patterns in the future.  I did change a few of the fabrics that were featured in the pattern because I found a couple that I liked a little better and one I just couldn't find in the store.  The pattern has you bind the quilt but I decided not to do that this time around and just bind it using the back of my quilt. I have done this with almost all the quilts I have made.  I am so impressed with how my hand quilting turned out.  I love this quilt and am excited to make mine. :)  Thanks for following along.

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  1. this turned out sooo cute! you did a really good job on your hand quilting too. i like that you did stitch in the ditch as not to take away from the quilt pattern. can't wait to see your next one!