Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ruffle Handbag

Yet another project I found online that I fell in love with. Of course sometimes I am bias and just love how my product turns out better than the one I get the idea from. I fell in love with these fabrics at the store and couldn't wait to get started. I have done 4 projects in the last three days. It has been awesome. It feels so good to make something yourself and like it better than something store bought. I decided to add some extra pockets on the inside of this purse. I wanted one with a closure for those special items but I didn't want to do a zipper since I still haven't tackled that one yet. I used snap buttons. I did a bigger snap button pocket on one side and 2 different size pockets on the other side. I still have enough fabric left over that I will probably make a mini me purse for my daughter. I love to match her, although, she probably won't like it as much when she is older. I can get away with it for now cause she is 4 1/2. She thinks I am a cool mom. I hope I am. :) I can't wait to use this purse. I hope people will notice it since it is different than anything you can buy at the store then I can take credit for making it. It feels like an accomplishment to make things. It is amazing that you can make something the same as someone else and it is so individual. I love it.

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  1. I was told this purse looked brown in the pic. It is actually purple and black with a little bit of cream. I am still loving this purse. Lighter than the other one I was used to carrying. I love it. :)