Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Camp Out

These are MY boys!!
 A week and a half ago my husband took my son to a Father and Son camp out.  My son was so excited.  Since my son knows how to read a calendar a week before the camp out he started to check the calendar everyday and told me how many days were left until the camp out.  The day before the camp out we went to the grocery store to get some treats for them to take with them.  He was so excited to get to pick things he wanted to take since we don't normally let them buy treats very often. 

My boys love the outdoors.  I love being outside but not necessarily camping.  I would rather be in a comfy spot to sleep and at least be able to wash my hair.  I think that is what I like least about camping, not being able to wash my hair.  In earlier years on girls camp trips I was the one to stick my head under the spigot just to wash my hair no matter how cold it was.   My son definitely gets the outdoor stuff from his father.

I think campfires are their favorite part of camping.  What boy doesn't want to play with a fire out camping?  They also love the s'mores so that helps too. ;)

My son said he had tons of fun.  It was so nice for them to have time together.  I enjoy the moments they get to spend alone together because I know when he is older he will be grateful for it. 

My husband loves to clean up right after he gets up so he can relax a bit and not have the stress of having to put the tent away later.  It's nice that he is like this because I think that one of the worst things about camping is the cleanup. 


I look forward to a family camping trip in the future.  My daughter keeps saying that since daddy took her brother camping that now he is going to take her camping.  We just might have to do that.

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  1. I like camping, it can have the downsides! best places to camp was near a beach. It is a great experience for kids!