Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birthday at the Zoo

Last Thursday was my little girl's birthday.  Her favorite thing to do to celebrate her birthday is go to the zoo. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday. She loves animals of every kind.  Her birthday is usually the only day of the year that we go to the zoo.  It is so fun to watch her get so excited about the animals and run from exhibit to exhibit.  We ended up checking our son out of school just a little bit early so he could attend the zoo with us.  Many times he has gotten left out because of school so I decided not to leave him out this time.  He was so excited to be able to go with us.  A couple of years ago we took her to the Living Planet Aquarium on her birthday without him and he was disappointed.  She loved the Aquarium just as much as the zoo because of all the animals. 

She had a friend and her family come with us.  It was a lot of fun for her. She is always asking for a friend birthday party but I have never done one for either of my kids. Having a friend birthday party just sounds like so much work.  She was so excited to have someone come with her to the zoo.  She really enjoyed having more than just our family there.

This exhibit is called Rocky Shores.  It is a pretty new exhibit.  It features a polar bear, seals, otters, and bears.  Last year when we went for her birthday this exhibit wasn't open yet.  It didn't open until 2 weeks after we went which we were disappointed about. The kids were so excited this year to see it.  This year about half the zoo was closed again undergoing construction for new renovations and new exhibits.  I look forward to seeing the new exhibits next year.

Of course we had to take a picture of them sitting on the seal as our little girl pulled her brother into the picture and insisted he be in the picture with her.

The seals were one of their favorite exhibits.  I think it was because it didn't stink like the monkeys.  Anyone that knows our daughter knows her gag reflex.  She will start gagging at the slightest smell that bothers her.  Glad she didn't do it on this trip because it would have been so embarrassing to have my child throw up in the middle of the walkway because a smell bothered her.

The polar bear was fun for the kids to see. There hasn't been one at our zoo for quite some time.  This polar bear was pacing back and forth and the kids thought it was funny to go back and forth trying to see it.  It was sure hard to get a good picture of the bear with it not sitting still.

 This year they had a special feature at the zoo.  They have animals made out of LEGOS.  This was so exciting for our son because he just loves legos.  They are his favorite toy.  This polar bear and its display stand were made completely out of legos.  It was really cool.  I wish I had that kind of creativity.  Our son was in heaven seeing all the lego animals.


These portraits were made from legos to look like a gorilla and orangutang.  

The penguin legos were of my favorite.  I love penguins.  There weren't any real penguins at the zoo so this is what we had to settle for instead.  Very creative and fun.

And last but not least the little Tamarin monkey made out of legos. 

We were so lucky to have such a nice day.  It was about 75 degrees.  The perfect weather for the zoo.  It was so nice to finally be outside in the sun after such a long winter.  I look forward to many more birthdays and zoo trips to come.

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