Thursday, May 2, 2013

Flip Flop Refashion

Recently when I was surfing Pinterest I found the cutest flip flop refashion.  I decided I wanted to make matching pairs for both my little girl and I.  They turned out so cute.   I am not a huge shoe person so I like to just have one pair of sandals or flip flops to wear with everything.  So that being said my dilemma was choosing colors that I thought could go with pretty much any outfit.  I settled on  a white flip flop with grey fabric.  In my opinion this was  a good choice to be able to wear with almost any outfit.  I was also really excited about this refashion because I have a hard time finding shoes I like for summer in the first place.  I am allergic to so many things I have to be careful about shoes.  Most people don't know but shoes are made up with formaldehyde resin as part of the glue that glues the shoe together.  Well I am allergic to formaldehyde and it is in everything.  Pretty much my enemy.  I don't have as bad of a reaction in the winter because I can use my socks as a barrier but for summer it is a nightmare.  So after cutting off the yucky plastic, silicone, or whatever straps they were I replaced it with fabric.  (I am allergic to latex and silicone as well as many other things)  I found the tutorial I used here.  These were really cute.  I decided not to do the flower because for one I was lazy and for two I didn't want to do that exact flower.  I may eventually add one but for now I like them just the way they are. :)

Of course I had to take pictures of them on my little girl because my feet just aren't nearly as attractive. ;)


  1. ooooh these came out so cute!!! I refashioned some flip flops with sparkly crystal buttons that sounds awful but is cute. I'd love to try this!