Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quilt Labels & Mother's Day

I had decided a while ago that my quilts needed some labels.  It took me quite a while of researching to look for ideas just to end up coming up with something of my own anyway.  I designed these labels myself just using my office program.  These labels I made quickly last week because I decided I needed to hurry and get a label on the quilt that I am giving away for Mother's Day. Since it is nearing I had to hurry and get my label on so she could always remember where this quilt came from.  I was able to fit 8 of my labels on one sheet of iron on paper. I am very frugal so I tried to fit as many as I could on one sheet of paper.  I really love how simple they were and how they turned out.  Although I will probably edit them as I go and add touches here and there I like what I came up with for now.  If you were looking for a little inspiration or motivation I hope you got it here. :)

Here is my Mother's Day quilt gift lablel
 (For some reason this picture would only load sideways and wouldn't let me rotate. Sorry for the view.)

 Recently I have been working on a scrappy quilt all of my own design out of batiks.  (Images to come later on.  I want this one to be a surprise until it is finished)  I made a little TV tray ironing table for convenience.  (You can see a little of what the cover looks like) I didn't follow any tutorials because I again wanted it my own way.  I wanted my cover to be washable and not stapled on to the tray like others I have seen.  I have been using my regular Rowenta Iron that I do love.  Unfortunately it is a bit gigantic for this table.  Yesterday my husband surprised me with an early Mother's Day gift.  He gave me a new baby Rowenta Iron.  I LOVE IT!!!! Now I get to use it on my little table and not have it take up almost half the table. Thanks honey!

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