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HCF Happy, Calm, and Focused a Nutritional Suppliment-REVIEW

**I was given the product featured free of charge in order to give an honest review. No other compensation was received.  My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  Others may have a different opinion.**

You are probably reading this wondering what HCF is.  HCF stands for HAPPY, CALM, and FOCUSED

My family and I try to be very healthy. Some of us do take some supplements, especially my husband that is really into bodybuilding.   I don't take a lot of supplements but I do take a multivitamin along with a couple of other things.  If I can find a more natural remedy rather than a perscription then I prefer that method.  There are some things you have to take prescriptions for and sometimes can't get completely away from it.  If there is a way through life without any prescriptions, then I am just one of those people that haven't figured it all out yet.  My husband has had ADHD since he was an adolescent and we were happy to give this a try.
HCF is a nutritional supplement. Here is a little about HCF:

At the core of this renown HCF formula are two key amino-acids called F&Q. Combined with our balanced delivery system of micro neuro-nutrients, HCF ‘naturally’ supports the increase of ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters in our brain very similar to what you would actually find in whole-food proteins. Including, supporting the balance of your Hypothalamus, the ‘master over your entire hormonal system’.

To see a whole profile and learn more facts about what HCF does, you can go to this link

The advantage HCF® Happy, Calm & Focused® has over other brain supplements is simple. Typical brain supplements and memory nutrients rely on high dose ’50 ingredients-in-1′ glorified multi-vitamins or just an herb(s) to artificially give your brain a lift. HCF supports naturally feeding your brain’s own neurotransmitters with what it is ‘suppose to have’ – F&Q amino acids. So you can stay at your best longer without fear of crashing. In other words, you can get the happiness, calmness, and focus you need to turn possibility into reality, whether you’re shooting for a championship or just trying to make it through your long work day.

Nourish – Proteins 

Nourishing your brain is very important!!

HCF® Happy, Calm & Focused® F&Q® ingredients have been used for decades by a number of renown neuro-scientists for helping to support the increase of key “feel good” neurotransmitter levels.  To view a complete list of ingredients you can view them here.

My Review:

When my husband was young he was diagnosed with ADHD.  He has been struggling with it his whole life.  He has been on and off of medications many times over the years.  He recently went back to school so that he could get the skills needed to be able to start a new career.  He has been struggling with schoolwork and staying focused.  (He can sometimes struggle with day to day activity as well.) We were very happy to give HCF a try.  My son had been also diagnosed a few years ago with ADHD/ADD and is currently on prescription medications for it.  My husband has taken HCF now for one month.  He said he was able to focus a lot easier than taking nothing at all.  I noticed that he was a lot calmer and not so easily agitated.  He was a lot calmer towards me and our children.  I also noticed that he was getting a lot more stuff done around the house.  It was really nice to see that sort of change.  For someone with ADHD it is hard for them for focus and get a task finished.  He and my son struggle a lot with that.  It was great to see how much easier it was for him to finish something once he started it and not be so stressed out about it; or not getting it accomplished at all.  Even something as simple as doing dishes or cleaning around the house can be a task for someone who is so easily distracted and has a hard time focusing due to ADD/ADHD.   With seeing so much of a difference in him I think it would be something I would even want to try for myself.  I didn't see anywhere where it says it is safe for children so I didn't try it with my 9 year old son.  Maybe in the future we can try it with him.  I can't wait to try it for myself and see what it can help my brain with.

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Disclaimer:  I am in no way a medical professional or giving medical advice.  This is just a product review of a nutritional supplement.  *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results vary.  For any more information about product claims see manufactures website. 
**I was provided with the product featured free of charge in order to give my honest review. No other compensation was received.  My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  Others may have a different opinion.**

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