Friday, August 16, 2013

Pieces of Projects and Life

Sometimes like some of my projects being in pieces, I feel like my life can be in pieces as well.  Fitting all the pieces together like a puzzle and trying to get everything accomplished can be the hardest part sometimes.

Wow things have been pretty stressful.  Sorry for the sparse postings over the last couple of weeks. I feel like summer was actually a lot busier than I had originally planned.  I thought I would get a lot more done with it being summer and not having to take my kids to school but I feel like I have able to accomplish much less. I feel like I have been a little MIA lately.  I have had a lot of changes going on at home and have been working to finish some projects.  With the end of summer coming to a close I have been trying to play catch up with the kids before school starts next Wednesday.  They are really excited to go back to school.  I am excited for them to go to school, but can't decide if I will actually have more or less time to get stuff done in the end. 

I started a new quilt recently and here is a sneak peek at all the charm squares I had to cut for it.  I had to cut almost 200 charm squares. This quilt will be really fun when finished.  It is bright and saturated colors just how I like my fabrics to be. I hope to get it finished in the next week or so to be able to share with you.

I hope summer has been going well for all of you.  I would love to hear some summer stories!!  Leave a comment and tell me what you have been up to this summer.


  1. Summer always goes by too quickly for us. My oldest is 4, so even though I have her home most of the time, I am not really looking forward to preschool starting. I really wanted to do more stuff this summer, but we did get to do a few fun things. We went to the local amusement park a couple times and had some picnics. We went to the park. Then my best friend and her two kids came to visit for a week and we loaded it with stuff: the aquarium, living museum (like a nature museum), beach, and even outlet mall shopping. The aquarium, museum, and beach were so much fun. My daughter loved the water, and luckily my friend does too, so she took her out a little ways (I do not like the beach water and don't want my fear to rub off on the girls so it's better if I just don't go in over my ankles). I stood in the shallow part with my youngest. At the aquarium, Karina saw jellyfish which she LOVES, and at the museum we watched an otter swim and play. So I guess overall, we did a lot, just not all the stuff I had hoped to do. I am going to try to get back to our theme park again (since I did pay for the pass after all) and maybe this fall we'll go to the zoo. I didn't get to my brother's house or my cousin's pool, so that was a bummer. We might be able to squeeze it in still though. Hope your busy summer was still a fun one. Your quilts are beautiful.

    1. Thank you for commenting and sharing about your summer!! Sounds like you have had a lot of fun. Sometimes I wish I had more time to do things like that throughout the year rather than just during the summer. Preschool will be so much fun for your daughter. My kids loved it. My daughter is starting first grade this year and I have to say I am quite sad about it. Both my kids will be gone all day and I am very attached to her. She will not be sad. She is so excited and says she is so excited to eat school lunch. I find it funny cause as you get older that is what everyone seems to think was the worst thing about school. I love it when you comment and share with me. :) Thank you for following!!