Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sizzling Summer Fun

I was just looking for a pair of shoes for my daughter for school and the store we went to didn't have the right size.  Needless to say we drove to the store that was located at the mall nearest to our house just to get the shoes.  My little girl spotted the splash fountain and was so excited.  I was just running a quick errand and didn't actually know it was there, so it wasn't really in the plan.  When she asked if she could run through I told her she could run through one time.  So she ran through the one time.  Then I suggested we hurry and run into the store to buy the shoes before she got any more wet.  

We came back out and of course she wanted to go right back and spend a little more time in the water.  I wasn't in a big hurry so I just let her take her shoes and socks off and run through the water in her clothes.  She had so much fun and it was so fun to watch.  She tried to get her brother to run through with her but he said no because he didn't want to get wet.

 She was so cute.  She would make the funniest faces when I was trying to take pictures of her.  I feel like she does this a lot on purpose just because she thinks it is funny.  I get a lot of pictures with silly faces.
 She is my brave child and has no fears.  She kept plugging her nose and putting her face right into the spraying water, it was really funny.  
 She did make a silly face right after she got sprayed right in the eye.

Once she was all wet she realized she didn't have a towel.  I told her not to worry because I had a white blanket in the car that I normally use to cover her car seat to keep it cooler.  She was so happy that I let her play in the water and I think that it made her day.  I just wish my son would have been a little more brave to run through with her and have a little fun.

School time is nearing again so I love to enjoy these little moments with my children.

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  1. I love moments like these, too. Aren't they the best?

    We have a fountain like this near us, too, and my girls both love it.